Have you received contact from Incasso Debt Collectors about some outstanding debt you have? Are you worried as you have no means of paying them back? Maybe this is not debt you owe, and you do not understand why they are even contacting you in the first place! If these are relatable, it’s time to read on as this article will give you all the information you need to deal with your situation.

It’s not your fault. Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman have risen this year from 830 to 2,006, so it’s safe to say that you’re not alone.

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Who are Incasso?

CDC Incasso are a specialised debt collection agency. They are based in Ukraine although they also have offices in Poland and Spain and they operate throughout the European Union.

In addition to debt collection, CDC Incasso also offers consultancy services. This service can help their clients analyse their financial risks and reduce the risk of fraud.

Incasso Contact Number:
0845 404 1999

Don’t worry, here’s what to do!

You could get rid of debt collectors by writing off your debt. I’ve put together a 4 question debt calculator which will tell you if you’re eligible:

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This 4 question debt calculator will tell you if you’re eligible.

What is the total amount of your debt?

Why are Incasso Debt Collectors getting in touch?

Incasso Debt Collectors are trying to contact you as you either owe money, or at least, they think you owe it. As a debt collector, they buy the debt from the original company you have taken out the credit with. For instance, a credit card or loan company. You may not recognise them, but this doesn’t mean you don’t owe the money. Debt collectors come in many forms. There are the independent debt collectors, the sole traders and those who operate as a business arm of the original creditor.

Debt collection can be quite a profitable business, as the debt is purchased at a lower rate than the face value. It is often as little as 20% of the face value, and thereafter the debt collection agency is making pure profit. They will often be persistent in trying to get the payment from you, and unfortunately, there are many debt collectors who will resort the worst possible tactics to try and get this. In some cases, debt collectors have been known to bully debtors into paying, and harassment is another common tactic. They don’t really want to know about your situation and whether you are finding it difficult to make payments. They don’t want to lose money, so they will often stop at nothing to ensure you pay up! The Office for Fair Trading even said that such harmful tactics are “widespread.”

How do you know if this is your debt?

You should not just pay the debt, if you haven’t received confirmation that you owe it, especially if you don’t believe the debt is yours. Remember that the debt will not be with Incasso Debt Collectors directly, they will have purchased it from the original creditor. Even if you do recognise the debt, the value may look significantly different than what you remember. This is because there is likely to be interest and additional charges added to it.

Always get confirmation of the debt first by writing to Incasso Debt Collectors. They should be willing to provide you with a copy of the original credit agreement. If they cannot provide this, you will not be liable to pay the debt.

Find your best debt solution

how to debt

Is all this information starting to feel overwhelming? Don’t panic! I’ve put together a 4 question debt calculator so you can quickly and easily find the best solution for you. Answer the four questions now.

What if you don’t want to pay?

If you have received confirmation that you owe the money, you should pay it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not wanting to pay the debt is not a reason to refrain from paying it. If you owe it, you are liable to pay it. However, if it will leave you unable to pay your other debts, such as your rent, mortgage or important bills, you should make another arrangement with Incasso Debt Collectors, in the form of a repayment plan.

Why are debt collectors trying to ruin your life?

As debt collector purchase the debt from the original creditor, they may use some underhand tactics to try and get you to make payment to the debt. Some of the reported ways debt collectors attempt to recover the debt include, threats, harassment and bullying.

It can be difficult not to let the contact have an effect on you. Some debtors have reported to feeling that they are under extreme emotional distress, there have been talks about the effects of debt collectors on mental health. In some cases, debtors have even reported suicidal thoughts. The debt support trust even went as far as to say that almost half of the debtors who suffer from financial problems, will think about suicide. Reports have suggested that debt and mental health are connected, and to add debt collectors into the mix, it can become unmanageable for some people. There are feeling of being disconnected from the world, and even entrapped. This is why the government were asked to take more action about the behaviour of debt collectors. Prior to this, they seemed to have the freedom to use any practices they desired to get the payments. Fortunately, the government did step in and took action.

Incasso Debt Collectors and changes to the law

The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012) has implemented some guidelines, specifically for the debt collection industry. In summary, Incasso Debt Collectors have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure they treat debtors fairly, while avoiding any aggressive practices, improper behaviour, deceit or any other negative behaviours.
  • Be transparent with all information they provide to debtors, and ensure debtors understand this information.
  • Show consideration to those who are suffering from financial trouble
  • Take the debtors circumstances into consideration, before determining what action to take.

If you feel that you are on the receiving end of intimidation by Incasso Debt Collectors, you will be able to report them to the OFT. If they are failing to adhere to the required guidelines, you have the right to report them.

Debt collectors may lie by saying they are an external agency, when they are actually working with the company you have the debt with. As this is deceit, they are not adhering to the necessary regulations. They are not allowed to deceive you.

Key facts about Incasso Debt Collectors operates

Debt collection companies can cause confusion. If you are not used to dealing with them, you probably don’t really understand much about them. These are some key facts you should know about Incasso Debt Collectors.

They receive incentives

If you wonder why the agents at Incasso Debt Collectors seem to be on your case 24/7 about the debt it is simply down to incentives. They will probably receive bonuses based on hitting targets and with a target driven job, they may be under pressure to achieve results. They don’t want to come off the phone and say that they couldn’t get any money from you, or a payment plan, so they will try everything to ensure this doesn’t happen!

It can stressful dealing with Incasso Debt Collectors but the key is to stand up to them, and don’t be brought down by their threats. The threats they make are usually meaningless anyway. You should only pay when you are in a financial position that allows it, don’t make your situation worse.

They may use technology

You might find that Incasso Debt Collectors will call you at the same time every day. This isn’t particularly unusual and it is generally down to using automated call technology. The technology is used to continuously phone you, in the hope that it will drive you mad enough to just pick it up! It might be frustrating, but that is the general idea. They are looking to drive you crazy, but this could also be a form of harassment.

If you are receiving endless calls, you should keep a note of the calls, including the dates and times. If you need to make a complaint about Incasso Debt Collectors, this can be used as part of your evidence. You can escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, if necessary.

Bad attitude

When we deal with agents from organisations, we expect them to be polite and friendly, and try everything they can to accommodate us. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t apply to debt collectors, and you may be confused by the strange behaviour. They may start the conversation with a friendly, helpful manner, but don’t be surprised if this suddenly changes when they discover your inability to pay back the money. A bit of a bad attitude is one thing, but abuse is quite another. If they are abusive you, or being aggressive in any way, you have the right to make a complaint. You do not need to put up with this behaviour. Many debt collectors don’t expect you to know that they can’t treat you in this manner!

Is it acceptable to discuss the debt with third parties?

The answer is no. Incasso Debt Collectors should not discuss your debt with anyone. Your financial problems are yours and they shouldn’t be discussed with anyone other than you, unless you choose to discuss with anyone else. If they have spoken to someone else about your debt, even a family member, they are in breach of the OFT guidelines and privacy laws.

You have the right to report them to the Financial Ombudsman on 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123

What about deceit?

Lies are not permitted either, especially when Incasso Debt Collectors are saying they are someone they are not! For instance, they might think their request for payment will have carry more weight if they say they are a bailiff. They may even go as far as to say that they have plans to come to your home and take away some of your possessions.

You should not allow them access to your property, and you can make a complaint about their deceit. If they insist on visiting you at your home and you feel like you are under threat, speak to the police.

Standing up to Incasso Debt Collectors

Debt collectors don’t particularly expect you to call them out on their behaviour, and that’s basically why they resort to underhand tactics to try and get payment from you. Now you know what to expect, you have the power to stand up to Incasso Debt Collectors, and any other debt collector that comes your way. You need to sort out your debt, that much is true, but you should be doing it in a way that helps you and doesn’t make your situation worse.

Help for Debtors

Debt problems can take over your life and affect your wellbeing. There are always ways you get out of debt, you just need to take charge. Remember, you don’t need to clear off all your debt, just contact the debt collector and advise them what you can do to clear it. If it’s a low monthly payment, then so be it. It’s a step in the right direction. If you’d like professional help with your debt, these organisations are worth speaking to:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) a popular organisation offering free debt help and advice. Get information on how to deal with your debt issues, and ultimately, become debt free.
  • Christians Against Poverty (CAP) free debt help and advice, help you to take charge of your debt issues
  • StepChange provides free online debt advice and helps people gain control over their finances.

You can write off some debt

You have the option to write off some of your debt by entering into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). As a formal agreement, you would pay debt collectors a set amount every month, at a rate you can afford. This means you won’t hear from the debt collectors again, so you can live a stress free life! You can also write off some of your debt after a set period has passed; usually around five years. The IVA must be completely by an insolvency practitioner.

Another option worth considering is the Debt Relief Order (DRO). You are only eligible for a DRO if you only have £50 or less to spend each month, you are not a homeowner and you have assets worth less than £1,000.

Final words

Debt collection agencies may not take heed of the information and guidance outlined by the government and professional bodies. Their behaviour sometimes leads debtors to feelings of embarrassment, poor mental health and even suicidal thoughts. If you are being contacted by debt collectors, don’t ignore them, but don’t let them force you into paying when you can’t afford it. If you need to set up a repayment plan, do it at a rate that suits your circumstances. Don’t put up with any aggression or bullying, speak to the Financial Ombudsman if you have concerns. Debt collectors who behave in this way are on a shaky peg, as the could lose their licence.


What can the debt collector do if I ignore them?

It is not wise to ignore debt collectors as they may turn up at your door to collect the debt. They could also apply for a CCJ against you. It is better just to speak to them and resolve it without this action.

Do Incasso have the right to take you to court?

If you don’t arrange to pay back your debt, Incasso Debt Collectors may take you to court. In this case, you will end up with a County Court Judgement letter.

Will you go to jail for your debt?

No, you won’t go to jail for the debt you owe.

Can I ignore the CCJ?

You shouldn’t ignore the CCJ, as if you do, you may end up with bailiffs at your door. It makes more sense to speak to the debt collectors before it escalates to this level.

Can Incasso give you a warrant?

Incasso Debt Collectors do not have the right to issue an arrest warrant, and they can’t send you to prison. They can request a CCJ though, which could end up with bailiffs at your door.

Are Incasso bailiffs?

No, they are debt collectors. They can request a CCJ, and this could result in bailiffs being sent to you. You will receive warnings if this is likely to happen.

Can Incasso come to your house?

Incasso Debt Collectors could get people sent to your house, but they don’t have any legal powers. You can tell them to go and there is nothing they can do. The only exception is if you have received a CCJ, as bailiffs can then come to your home.

Can Incasso force entry?

Incasso Debt Collectors will not be able to force entry. They do not have legal power. You could have bailiffs turning up though, so this is something you want to avoid.

Will Incasso stop contacting you?

Incasso Debt Collectors are not likely to give up until they’ve tried everything. They will continue chasing or up to 6 years in most cases. Otherwise, they lose money.

Does debt have an expiry date?

The Limitation Act 1980 states that the debt collector can chase the debt for 6 years. The 6 years applies from when you last made a payment or spoke to the debt collector about the debt and acknowledged it. The only exception is when you are issues with a CCJ?

What is the maximum time for chasing the debt?

You can be chased for up to 6 years about the debt, in normal circumstances.

Can the debt be written off?

According to the Limitation action 1980, you will be eligible to be chased for 6 years from the last payment you made or when you last acknowledged the debt. If a County Court Judgment is issued, the Limitation Act does not apply, and they can chase you endlessly.

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