Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection may have contacted you to ask for a debt to be paid. If you received a call or debt letter from Kuits Solicitors Manchester, let us guide you on the best ways to respond.

We’ll make the whole process clear and explain why ignoring a debt letter from Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection is not the right thing to do.

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Who Are Kuits Solicitors Manchester?

Kuits Solicitors is a law firm based in Manchester city centre. They are one of the biggest law firms in the area with over 180 staff members who specialise in different niches in UK law.

They are fully recognised and governed by the appropriate bodies, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Services Do Kuits Solicitors Manchester Offer?

Due to their expensive law team, they provide legal services in a wide range of areas. Their official website lists many popular services, namely:

  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property
  • Property sales and purchases
  • Estate planning
  • Tax services
  • Debt collection

Who Are the Clients of Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection?

Having such a large team of solicitors and so many services on offer means that Kuits attract clients from a wealth of industries. The same applies within their debt collection services. They could help their clients collect:

  • Unpaid business services
  • Unpaid rent
  • Unpaid fines and loans
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Unpaid medical bills

These are just some examples of what Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection could chase people for on behalf of their clients. Their services will be open to almost any individual or business who they believe has the right to get money from you.

Kuits Solicitors Manchester Contact Number

You can call Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection on 0161 832 3434 or you can use their online contact form via their website contact page.

However, if you are contacting them to discuss a debt letter they sent, it may be better to follow our guide below. We explain how to respond to these letters and one solution where you never have to pay a penny!

Have You Received a Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection Letter?

If you received a letter from Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection, this letter is likely to request that you pay their client the money you owe. If you don’t, they may be threatening further legal action. These letters can be intimidating, but you should never ignore the letter – even if you can’t afford the figure they are asking you to pay.

There is a chance they will get a court order for the debt if you do not respond. This means the client of Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection could then request a bailiff enforcement agent to come to your home with the CCJ and repossess your belongings to pay the debt off.

You can avoid losing your possessions even if your debt is large. But to do this you must respond to Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection in the correct way. We’ll explain exactly what to do further down this guide.

Can Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection Take My Home?

Not exactly.

If you ignore the letter from Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection and their client gets a court order for the unpaid debt, the enforcement agent could repossess your home. However, this is very unlikely as most enforcement agents will try to agree a payment plan if allowed by the creditor, and even if not, they will try to repossess items before repossessing a home.

Your debt would have to be significant for a home to be repossessed.

But notice how in this situation it is not Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection that takes your home, but a team of law enforcement agents, otherwise known as bailiffs. Even with a court order, Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection cannot take items from you and certainly can’t take your home.

Can Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection Visit My Property?

Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection staff don’t even have the right to enter your property. Before a court order is issued on any debt (and hopefully it never gets to this stage), you can reject any attempts for Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection workers to speak to you at your doorstep and you never have to invite them inside.

Some debt collection agencies try these intimidating tactics, but it is not likely that a team of respected busy lawyers will bother knocking on your door.  

If a court order is issued on the debt, anyone working for Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection still doesn’t have right to enter your property. Only enforcement agents can enforce court orders.

What Actions Can Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection Take?

That’s what Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection can’t do, but what can they do?

They can chase you for their client’s debt without harassing you. If you fail to respond or pay, they can then help their client in court to get the court order. Once they have the order, their work is pretty much complete.

It is now in the hands of the client to enforce the court instruction using another team – a law enforcement team.

Can I Stop Communications from Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection?

You cannot stop all communications from Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection because they need to speak with you about the debt – and notify you of any upcoming court cases.

But you can request them to only call you at certain times of the day. If they ignore this request, you could report Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection to the FCA.

They must also not:

  • Discuss your debt with anyone else
  • Call you at work
  • Pressure you into making payments
  • Use confusing language
  • Threaten court action when it is not likely to happen

Can I Ignore Kuits Solicitors Manchester?

It is never advised to ignore a debt letter, whether it is from a team of lawyers at Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection or a non-legal debt collection group. Ignoring letters only initiates the process of being taken to court.

Of course, some clients may choose not to pursue the debt further, but calling their bluff is not worth the consequences if they do go to the courts.

You should always respond to Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection even if you are unemployed or cannot afford to pay the debt. Read on to learn the secrets of the debt industry and understand how you can use the process to your advantage.

Should I Pay My Kuits Solicitors Debt Instantly?

Most people should not pay Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection straight away. The only time you may want to consider paying is when:

  • Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection have provided proof that you owe the debt
  • The payment is easily manageable and won’t cause problems
  • You acknowledge that the debt is your responsibility

If this is not the case, you can respond to the Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection letter in a different way.

kuits  debt collection

How to Respond to Kuits Solicitors Manchester Debt Claims

Sometimes companies that collect debt are not law firms and they use “spraygun” tactics to find the right debtor. This means sending lots of debt letters to similar addresses or people with the same name, hoping that the right debtor owns up and pays out of fear (this is also why debt letters are made to be scary!).

Law firms chasing debt tend not to use these tactics, which means they also send proof you owe the debt at the same time they request payment. But if Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection have not sent you proof that you owe money, it’s time to ask for it!

Send a Kuits Solicitors a Prove the Debt Letter

You can request proof of the debt from Kuits Solicitors by sending them a letter simply asking for it. But the crucial part of the letter is to inform Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection that any further communications without supplying proof is considered harassment and will be reported to the FCA. This means they cannot contact you again without proof.

Excellent templates of these letters can be found online.

Why Should I Ask for Proof?

The main reason for sending a prove the debt letter is to make Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection show that you owe the debt. Without the proof, especially after you have requested it, they will struggle to get a court order for the debt.

Other reasons to send a prove the debt letter include:

  • To buy yourself some time to assess debt solutions
  • Or, to guide Kuits Solicitors to realise they have made a mistake

What If Kuits Solicitors Already Send Proof?

If Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection already sent proof, do not send a prove the debt letter. It may be time to look at your repayment options….

5 Ways to Pay Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection

#1: Pay the Full Amount

As mentioned earlier, you should pay the full amount if you know you owe the money and it is an amount of money that will be easy for you to pay in one payment. Doing this can avoid interest on payments and reduce stress instantly.

#2: Ask for a Payment Plan

If you can’t afford the payment being requested, ask Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection to consider a payment plan where you pay off the debt gradually. This is ideal if you are unemployed too. But whatever you decide, never agree to pay more than you can as this can lead to more debts elsewhere.

#3: Consider a Debt Consolidation Loan

A debt consolidation loan is a loan to pay off multiple existing debts. You then have all your debt in one place (with the loan creditor). But this is only worth it if you can get a loan that has a lower rate of interest than the interest you are paying on other debts. Ultimately, it means you can pay less each month.

Remember, applying for a loan will leave a mark on your credit file.

#4: Try for an IVA

An IVA is also an option for someone with multiple debts, especially if the debts are quite large but they are also employed. These are like payment plans but are created by official IVA providers.

They agree with your creditors to a monthly payment that is bigger than a usual payment plan (£100+), and one that lasts five years. Once the timeframe ends, you don’t owe any money anymore, even if you have still got thousands of pounds left to pay.

#5: Other Debt Solutions for You!

These are not the only debt solutions available. You can read about other options at your disposal by consulting the advice at MoneyNerd, a resource for people wanting to escape debt.

Or you can seek free help from the best UK debt charities, such as Step Change UK.

You Might Not Have to Pay Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection at All!

There is one way that you will not have to pay Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection any money, even if the debt is yours. This occurs when the debt is old and becomes statute barred.

What Does Statute Barred Debt Mean?

Statute barred is the name of a debt that will not be accepted for court considerations. Decades ago, the courts realised that they were drowning in debt cases because old debt cases kept being put in front of them.

To free up their time and resources, they made some older debts unenforceable. That means the debt cannot go to court and you can never be made to pay.

Note, statute barred debt will not have to be paid, but this doesn’t mean the debt has been wiped!

When Does a Debt Become Statute Barred?

A debt becomes statute barred when it is at least six years old and you have not made a payment towards it in the last six years. Moreover, you must have never acknowledged ownership of the debt to Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection or any other group in the last six years. If you did this or made a partial payment, the six-year countdown resets.

Tell Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection Your Debt Is Statute Barred

You can inform Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection that your debt is statute barred by sending them a statute barred debt letter. These, just like prove the debt letter templates, can be found at debt charity websites.

Whatever your next move may be, never ignore Kuits Solicitors Debt Collection!

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