Did you just get landed with an MKPD Debt Collection debt letter? If you had an old credit card debt, this might explain why. But no matter what your debt, how much or if you think there has been a mistake, we have excellent advice for you.

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Who Are MKPD Debt Collection?

MKPD Debt Collection is a debt collection agency that chased debts on behalf of other companies. Sometimes they chase the debt and recover payment to receive a commission for the initial creditor. On other occasions they buy the debt outright (usually for much less than its value) and hope the debtor will pay to make a solid profit.

The company is based in Milton Keynes and is monitored by the finance industry’s governing bodies, such as the FCA and the Ombudsman.

Don’t worry, here’s what to do!

You could get rid of debt collectors by writing off some of your debt.

There’s 7 debt solutions in the UK, choosing the right one can take years off your debt, but the wrong one can be expensive and drawn-out.

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MKPD Debt Collection’s Clients

MKPD Debt Collection chase unsecured debts for a number of clients. It is not known just how many businesses they collect debt for, but researching online tells us that they do a lot of credit card debt recovery work for some of the UK’s biggest banks, namely HSBC and Barclays:

“For some reason MKDP (on behalf of HSBC) have pinned non-payments of a credit card onto my partner.”

“I have a credit card debt with Barclaycard and have been unable to my minimum monthly repayments for about 8 months. I started receiving letters/phone calls from Barclaycard which then changed to a company called Mercers which was then followed by a company called Caulder and now today I receive a letter from Barclaycard that it is now MKDP LLP who are dealing with my debt […]”

[Money Saving Expert Forum]

MKPD Debt Collection Debt Letters

The first contact you have with MKPD Debt Collection is likely to come through a letter asking for payment. Whatever you do, don’t pay straight away as we have a top tip on what to do first which could prevent you having to pay.

Don’t worry if these letters sound scary and discuss legal action. Although that is a possibility, they are made this way to pressure you into paying without asking questions.

Feeling like Chandler?

how to debt

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Ignoring MKPD Debt Collection Is a BAD Idea

The most important thing you will read in this guide is this…

There is no circumstance where ignoring an initial letter from MKPD Debt Collection is a good idea.

Ignoring a debt letter even if you think they are wrong could mean, legal action and bailiffs turning up at your door.

We have a better plan of attack…

Could MKPD Debt Collection Take My Home?

Theoretically, you can lose your home if you fail to pay certain types of debt. But this only happens way down the line after you have bee to court. It is unlikely that you will lose your home because of a debt with MKPD Debt Collection.

But it is not MKPD Debt Collection who repossess your valuables or take your home. This is done by trained professionals that MKPD Debt Collection must employ to do it for them.

You will not lose your home if you react to the debt letter and look for ways to pay. More on that to follow.

How Can I Stop MKPD Debt Collection from Calling?

You can get MKPD Debt Collection to stop calling so often by sending them your contact preferences. They must only call you at the times you state you can talk, or they are committing a criminal offence – harassment!

If you are reading this for the sole purpose to learn how to report MKPD Debt Collection for harassment, see the end of our guide.

Alternatively, check out our dedicated post on complaining to the debt collection ombudsman!

Make Sure MKPD Debt Collection Prove the Debt

We told you not to pay as soon as you get the debt letter. That’s because the debt only needs to be paid if MKPD Debt Collection can prove you owe the debt.

In the case of credit card debt, that would be a signed agreement to take out the credit card and evidence of defaulted payments.

It is your legal right to request proof.

And you do this by sending a prove the debt letter. We’ve taken the hard work out of this by writing an effective prove the debt letter template. Use this and send it to MKPD Debt Collection with your details.

Ways to Escape MKPD Collection Debts

Okay, so MKPD Debt Collection have come back to you with proof and there is no denying the debt is yours. What now?

The best course of action is to assess your debt solutions. There are lots out there and MKPD Debt Collection must give you some time to choose. Debt charities in the UK can also help!

MKPD Debt Collection themselves may be able to offer a solution. It is known that MKPD Debt Collection can offer tailored debt repayment plans that help you pay off the debt over time instead of in one payment.

This might mean paying a little more, but it also means avoiding legal proceedings and bailiffs.

The Legal Loophole Out of MKPD Debts

One legal loophole exists that debtors can use to avoid paying debts, including MKPD Debt Collection debt.

This is when a debt is too old for the courts to consider it. They are busy people and cannot be looking at really old debts all day. Thus, debts that are six years old or more might qualify for statute barred, meaning the debt cannot be discussed in court.

Some other criteria apply, but if your debt is statute barred, you can never be forced to pay even if MKPD Debt Collection keep asking.

To get them off your back in this situation, you can send them a letter explaining that the debt is statute barred and you won’t be paying. If they contact you again, you guessed it – it’s harassment!

Using the Debt Collection Ombudsman

If you want to complain about MKPD Debt Collection, do so by gathering evidence of their mistreatment and sending it to the Financial Ombudsman.

They will hear both sides and make a decision if there has been industry regulation breaches. If so, you might even get compensation from MKPD Debt Collection.

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Scott Nelson is a financial services expert, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, including 6 years in FCA regulated companies. Read more
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