Have you received a letter from Moon Beever Debt Recovery and you’re unsure what to do next? It’s daunting receiving a letter from a debt collector, especially if you’re not sure if you owe the money or if you simply can’t afford the amount being recovered.

But don’t stress, this post will tell you what you need to know about how to deal with Moon Beever Solicitors and what your options are for paying off your debts.

Moon Beever solicitors

Who are Moon Beever Debt Recovery?

Moon Beever Solicitors in London offer a full range of legal services including fraud litigation, conveyancing and, of course, debt recovery.

They have offices in London and Essex but their Essex office is usually the one that deals with debt recovery.

They are most known for working with government departments, local authorities as well as listed companies.

Why are Moon Beever Debt Recovery Contacting Me?

 Moon Beever Solicitors are hired by lenders to chase unpaid debts. When this is a government department, it’s usually for unpaid council tax, parking fines, or other council related fines.

For private lenders, they might be working on behalf of a bank to recover unpaid loans or overdue credit cards.

Whatever your specific case, Moon Beever Solicitors act on behalf of a third party who you owe money to.

If you don’t recognise the debt outlined in the original letter they sent to you – don’t worry. We’ll cover how to handle this later in the guide.

Are Moon Beever Debt Recovery Legitimate?

Unlike many scam letters that jam up our letterboxes, Moon Beever are a legitimate debt collection firm and not a scam.

You should never disregard their letters because this could prompt them to escalate your case and start court proceedings.

They are also registered with the Credit Services Association which is a regulatory authority in this industry.

Can I Ignore Letters from Moon Beever Solicitors?

In short, no. You should never ignore letters or phone calls from a legitimate debt collector and hope they go away.

Remember, they have been hired by a third party, so they are going to do all they can to recover the money owed since they are being paid!

You should write to Moon Beever as soon as you can acknowledging their request for payment.

Do not admit to owing the debt at this point though – we’ll cover what you need to include in the letter later the guide.

What if Moon Beever are Harassing Me?

There are many different actions that are classed as misconduct or harassment including calling you at unreasonable hours, using intimidation tactics, and more.

No matter what the case, you can make a Complaint Against Moon Beever Solicitors:

Moon Beever London Office:

Post: Marston, PO Box 12019, Epping, CM16 9EB

Phone: +44 (0) 207 400 7770

Email here

Moon Beever Essex Office:

Post: Moon Beever, 260 Avenue West, Skyline 120, Great Notley, Essex, CM77 7AA

Phone: +44 (0) 1376 557 249

Email here

What Legal Action Can Moon Beever Solicitors Take?

Here is the process of legal action Moon Beever Debt Recovery will take against you:

  1. Send letters to you
  2. Call your home (if they have a phone number on record)
  3. Send a default notice letting you know your account is closing, giving you two weeks to settle the debt
  4. Go to court to get a County Court Judgement issued (this will compel you to pay the debt in full or monthly payments)
  5. Send bailiffs to your home to recover goods in the amount owed
  6. Apply for an attachment of earnings to recover the debt from your wages
  7. Apply for a Charging Order to secure the debt against your house (this is an unusual last resort)

Can Moon Beever Repossess My House?

Moon Beever cannot send bailiffs to your house without first obtaining a warrant from the court and giving you written notice. But this will not be their first course of action.

If they do get a warrant, Bailiffs are legally allowed to remove goods from your home – however, they can’t take anything that is necessary for you to make a living (for example, work tools or a car you use to get to work).

Read more about how to deal with bailiffs here.

If the debt is substantial and you fail to make payments even after a County Court Judgement, Moon Beever can then fill a Charging Order. If you don’t make payments, your house can be repossessed to cover the debt owed.

Do I Have to Agree to Moon Beever’s Terms?

Some debt collectors will pressure you to pay the debt in full. However, if you cannot afford to do that, they should agree to a monthly repayment plan.

Even so, if you don’t agree with the terms of the plan, you can turn them down and explore other options.

Although debt collectors can be very persuasive, never feel pressured to taking a deal that you simply cannot afford.

If you ever feel stressed, tell them you need to take some time to explore your debt management options.

I Don’t Recognise the Debt, What Should I Do?

If you’re not certain the debt is legitimate, there are three simple checks that will give you peace of mind that any payments are accurate:

  1. Check your credit score –  if the debt is in your name, it will be listed on your credit score.
  2. Ask Moon Beever to prove the debt – they should be able to send you original copies of the signed agreement.
  3. Check if the debt is Statute Barred – this means that enough time has passed that they can no longer legally enforce payment from you (find out more about Statute Barred Debt here).
Moon Beever Debt Recovery

What If I Can’t Afford to Pay Moon Beever?

If you’re currently struggling to make ends meet and you can’t afford to pay Moon Beever Debt Recovery the debt, never take on more debt to pay them off.

Instead, explore some of the debt management options below:

The Snowball Method

This is one of the most popular methods of paying off debt and works well if you have several different debts with different lenders.

Find out if this is the right option for you here.

Full and final settlements

You may be able to negotiate a lower final settlement with Moon Beever Solicitors. Let them know that you can’t afford to pay the full sum, but are willing to settle to a full and final reduced settlement.

Find out more about full and final settlements here.

What if I have Multiple Debts?

Do you currently have multiple debts that you’re struggling to keep on top of? Here are some more options that could work well for you:


You may be eligible for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). This consolidates all of your outstanding debt into one low, affordable monthly payment.

Find out if writing off your debt is the right option for you here.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

This will freeze all interest payments and reduce the minimums so you can pay off some of your smaller debts much more quickly.

Find out if a DMP is right for you here.

Debt Relief Order

A debt relief order is better if you have less than £20K of debt, a very low (or no) incomes, and do not own a home.

Find out more about Debt Relief Orders here. 

Still Not Sure How to Deal with Moon Beever Debt Recovery?

The most important takeaway from this guide is that you should never pay a debt collector if you can’t afford to. Never put yourself into further financial difficulties just to make them go away.

Instead, take some time to explore your options and find the right solution for your circumstances. If you’re still exploring your debt management options, head to our full guide to find out what other options are available.

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