Parker Bullen Debt Recovery is a branch of solicitors whose job it is to recover debt for their clients.

If you received a debt letter from Parker Bullen Solicitors and don’t know what to do about it, our guide is here to help.

Deal with Parker Bullen by using the legal processes to your advantage. We tell you how to respond to their debt letters and how to approach any debt you have with them.

The worst thing you can do is ignore a Parker Bullen debt letter. Read our detailed guide instead!

parker bullen debt recovery

Who Are Parker Bullen Solicitors?

Parker Bullen is a legal team in the UK with two branches, namely Parker Bullen Andover and Parker Bullen Salisbury. They deal with a wide range of legal matters for their clients. They work for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

What Services Do Parker Bullen Offer?

The services on offer at Parker Bullen are extensive. Some of the services they offer are:

  • Will writing
  • Immigration services
  • Property services
  • Litigation
  • Debt recovery services

Parker Bullen has an exceptional reputation among their clients but also in the wide community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they donated iPads to a local hospice so residents could still get some face to face contact during the trying times.

Contact Parker Bullen Solicitors

You can find an online chat feature on their website, but this is mainly used by clients rather than debtors. The telephone numbers for Parker Bullen are:

Parker Bullen Andover: 01264 400 500

Parker Bullen Salisbury: 01722 412 000

Is Parker Bullen Solicitors a Debt Collection Agency?

Not exactly. A debt collection agency is a company that solely chase up debts for other businesses or even individuals. The company that is owed the money usually doesn’t have the time to chase the debt or doesn’t want to commit their business resources to follow it up. They pay a debt collection agency to do it for them.

The same happens when a business chooses Parker Bullen Solicitors to chase debts, but the key difference is that Parker Bullen is a legal team. It is more likely that Parker Bullen Solicitors will not make the same mistakes as a debt collection agency and will not use the same tactics to locate the debtors.

For example, they could prove your debt straight away using signed agreements, and they are not as likely to send out multiple letters to people with the same name.

Moreover, Parker Bullen offers more than just debt recovery services.

Why Parker Bullen Debt Recovery Contacted You…

The Parker Bullen Debt Recovery team will have made contact with you because their client has asked them to chase a debt that you owe. They work by sending you a letter requesting the debt to be paid off by a certain date.

These letters usually state that if you do not pay the debt, Parker Bullen Solicitors will go to the courts to get a CCJ for the debt. This is why these letters are known as Letter Before Action (LBA) within the debt collection industry.

Read on to learn what you can do in response, even if you think there is a mistake. Whatever you do, do NOT ignore a Parker Bullen Solicitors debt letter.

What Actions Can Parker Bullen Debt Recovery Take?

If you do owe the debt and refuse to pay, Parker Bullen Solicitors could go after the debt through the courts. They could get a CCJ for the debt which would make the debt legally enforceable, often via enforcement officers that come to your home to request payment or repossess items.

But before your anxiety increases, there are many ways to stop the debt getting to this point by following our guidance.

If the debt has already reached this stage, you should find out what to expect from a law enforcement team that collect debt.

Can I Stop Parker Bullen Solicitors from Contacting Me?

You cannot stop Parker Bullen Solicitors from contacting you completely, but you can request them to make calls at certain times of the day.

Because Parker Bullen Solicitors is governed by FCA and CSA regulations. There are lots of things that they must not do when pursuing your debt, including but not limited to:

  • Claiming they can come to your home and repossess items
  • Take payment without authorisation
  • Discuss your debt with anyone else, including your family or employer
  • Make repeat contact throughout the day
  • Make contact at unsociable hours (unless requested by you)

How to Report Parker Bullen Debt Recovery

If Parker Bullen Solicitors has made illegal claims or acted inappropriately, you may wish to make an official complaint. You could complain directly to Parker Bullen Debt Recovery and see how they respond.

Alternatively, you should complain to the Financial Conduct Authority. Information on how to make a complaint can be found on their website or is provided by debt charities listed at the end of this guide.

Should I Pay Parker Bullen Solicitors to Get Rid of Them?

When you receive the LBA explained earlier, anxiety and worry can make you pay off your debt just for peace of mind that it has been dealt with.

But paying the debt straight away is not always the best move.

You can execute your rights and go through the official process before paying. Sometimes, you can discover that the debt does not need to be paid at all…

First, Did Parker Bullen Solicitors Prove the Debt?

The first question to ask is: did Parker Bullen Debt Recovery prove that you owe the debt? When we say proof of the debt, we refer to signed agreements and contracts between yourself and Parker Bullen Solicitors’ client.

No, Parker Bullen Solicitors Never Proved the Debt

If Parker Bullen did not include proof of the debt within the LBA, you should reply to their letter with a request for proof. Parker Bullen Debt Recovery is not allowed to make contact with you again if they do not have proof. If they do, it is harassment and you should report them.

But, How Do I Request Proof of the Debt?

You need to request proof of the debt by writing them a letter. You should keep a copy of this letter or send it with tracked or signed-for delivery.

In your letter you should include:

  • Acknowledgement of their letter
  • The date and any applicable reference numbers
  • Request for proof of the debt
  • A statement that any further communications without proof are harassment
  • A statement that you will report them to the FCA or CSA if they harass you

An easier option is to use a prove the debt letter template. There are hundreds of excellent ones you can use online. All you have to do is change some of the wording to fit your personal details and circumstances.

Yes, Parker Bullen Solicitors Proved My Debt

Unlike many debt collection companies who chance their luck without proof, it is likely that a team of legal professionals will know the system and want no delays for their client. This means Parker Bullen Solicitors probably supplied proof within the LBA.

If the proof has been supplied and you agree that the debt is yours, you will need to make arrangements to pay off the debt.

I Cannot Afford to Pay Parker Bullen Debt Recovery, What Next?

Most of us do not have the luxury to pay off debts in one payment. We do not have enough disposable income or may have recently been made redundant.

If your debt is small enough to pay off in one go, it is recommended to do so. The benefits are that no interest can accumulate on the debt, and it can be good for your mental health to know the debt has been cleared.

If you can’t afford the debt, you have other options…

1.     Agree a Payment Plan with Parker Bullen Solicitors

What Parker Bullen Solicitors are not telling you is that most clients do not expect you to pay the full amount in one payment, especially if the debt is significant. They are often willing to listen to payment plan offers and negotiate an affordable monthly payment with you to clear the debt in time.

If you decide to agree a payment plan with Parker Bullen Debt Recovery, always agree on a monthly fee that will not cause you other financial issues and new debts to materialise.

2.     Consider Your Other Debt Solutions

Payment plans are the go-to debt solution in these situations, but they are not your only option. There could be a better debt solution for your personal circumstances because the best way out of debt is not always the most straightforward option.

Some other options could save you a lot of money. For example, an IVA can consolidate multiple debts and make all debts wiped away after five years. Some people clear all their debts without paying off as much as 90% of the money owed.

Discover all your debt solutions with the help of the popular Money Nerd site.

3.     DON’T PAY if Your Parker Bullen Debt Is Statute Barred

There is a chance that even if the debt is yours and Parker Bullen Solicitors have proved the debt, you still don’t have to pay.

This is only possible if your debt is statute barred. A statute barred debt is a debt that is a minimum of six years old and has not been paid towards or acknowledged to any company in the last six years. Additionally, there cannot be a CCJ for the debt already.

Statute barred debts are not enforceable in the courts because the courts were becoming overwhelmed with old debt cases. Although the debt is not wiped, Parker Bullen Solicitors cannot get a CCJ for the debt so there is no way of making you pay. You could opt to pay if you still wanted.

Tell Parker Bullen Your Debt is Statue Barred

You can tell Parker Bullen Debt Recovery that your debt is not enforceable by sending a statute bared letter. Just like prove the debt letters, there are templates for this type of letter found online. Simply edit a few details on these templates and send it off.

One of the best is available through Step Change UK, found here!

Again, it is best to keep a copy for your records or choose a signed-for delivery method.

Parker Bullen Debt Recovery

Additional Support for Dealing with Parker Bullen Debt Recovery

Our guide to deal with Parker Bullen Debt Recovery shows just how many twists and turns your own experience can take. Knowing what to do and what debt solution is right for you can be just as daunting as the debt letter itself.

But help is at hand.

The UK boasts some of the best debt charities and organisations offering free help and support. To get further guidance on dealing with Parker Bullen Solicitors, contact:

  • Christians Against Poverty
  • National Debtline
  • Step Change UK
  • Citizens Advice

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