PTD Solicitors Horsham may be a stellar legal firm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about a PTD Solicitors debt collection letters.

Don’t ignore these letters or calls and use our guidance to tackle PTD Solicitors debt in the best way available to you.

We cover every scenario after receiving a PTD Solicitors debt collection letter, right here.

Who Are PDT Solicitors Horsham?

PTD Solicitors are a legal firm based in Horsham. They provide a range of services in employment law, housing, employment and much more.

PTD Solicitors has also been noted for their work in the pharmaceuticals industry and are able to advise people on setting up these businesses or the sale of such firms.

One of their services is debt collection, in which they chase debts for their clients. This may be why you have received a PTD Solicitors debt collection letter.

PDT Solicitors Debt Collection

PDT Solicitors Legal 500 Recognition in 2020

The Legal 500 is an annual list of the most recognised and respected law firms in different jurisdictions. It just so happens that PTD Solicitors has been named among the best in 2020, suggesting they are more than your average legal firm.

Their Legal 500 recognition has been verified by a string of glowing reviews regarding their individual lawyers and services. Check out PTD Solicitors review sites to learn more.

PDT Solicitors Debt Collection Services

Their debt recovery service is one of the reasons they were listed in the top 500 legal teams of the UK.

They help their clients to recover debt through:

  • Calling debtors for payments over the phone
  • Creating debt collection letters or serving notifications
  • Calling debtors
  • Negotiating payment plans to clear the debt
  • Guiding clients to debt enforcement agencies if needed

They offer their debt recovery services to all types of businesses. You could receive a PTD Solicitors debt collection letter for all types of debt from unpaid loans to rent arrears and more.

Have You Received a PDT Solicitors Debt Collection Letter?

PTD Solicitors are likely to write to you to recover the money. They will send you a debt letter asking you to pay the amount owed to their client. If the letter also includes the threat of further legal action, such as goings to court to get a court order on the debt, this letter is known as a Letter Before Action (LBA).

These letters are intimidating on purpose because they want you to pay fast. But you can buy some time or even avoid paying your PTD Solicitors debt by exercising your rights and the debt collection process.

We will reveal all the tips and tricks further down this debt collection guide.

Is My PDT Solicitors Debt Collection Letter a Mistake?

Sometimes companies who chase debts will make a mistake. This can be an administration mistake, but more often than not, it is a tactic used when the company chasing the debt cannot locate the debtor.

Debt collection agencies use spray-gun tactics by sending debt letters to people of similar names and addresses. They send these letters with their fingers crossed that one of the recipients will own up – and cough up.

But lawyers tend to conduct due diligence and avoid these tactics, especially the best UK lawyer firms like PTD Solicitors. It is not likely that PTD Solicitors will have made a mistake.

Contact PDT Solicitors Horsham

You can call PTD Solicitors Horsham on 01403 262 333 or use their contact form via their website contact page.

But if you are calling to dispute their claims you owe the money, there is a better way to go about it. Read on to uncover what it is.

Can I Ignore PDT Solicitors Debt Collection Letter?

But throwing the PTD Solicitors debt collection letter in the bin is not the answer. You should never ignore debt letters from debt collection agencies or solicitors even when you suspect there is an error, or you don’t owe the money.

Does that mean you should pay the PTD Solicitors debt straight away? Maybe not!

Should I Pay PDT Solicitors?

If you are aware of the debt and PTD Solicitors has provided concrete proof that the debt is yours, you may be inclined to just pay it off. You could always do this if the fee requested is manageable to you, especially if it helps ease any mental health problems resulting from their letter.

But if you cannot afford to pay or dispute the PTD Solicitors debt claim, there are other avenues to explore.

But First, What Can PDT Solicitors Do to Me?

To understand what PTD Solicitors can do about your debt, you need to know a little more about the debt collection process.

  1. First of all, payment is requested with a LBA.
  2. If the debt is not sorted between the parties, the client can use a legal team (like PTD Solicitors) to help them apply for a court order
  3. A court order gives the client the right to use an enforcement agent to come to your door and collect the money. Or repossess items to be sold at auction and the debt paid off this way.

It is really important to keep the debt collection process to the first stage and avoid stages one and two. Ignoring debt letters may lead to repossessions and even being in more debt because of the client’s legal fees and enforcement agent fees.

Could PDT Solicitors Take My Possessions – or My Home!?

The enforcement agent in possession of a court order for the debt can come to your home and take items. They can take your home if needed. These agents do not have to discuss a payment plan instead, but they often do.

Payment plans at this stage are usually not as beneficial to debtors because the enforcement agent can take the simpler option of repossessing goods.

At any stage, PTD Solicitors cannot be the ones who take items or your home. They provide legal services and are not law enforcement agents.

How to Stop PDT Solicitors Calling About My Debt

PTD Solicitors must be able to contact you to discuss the debt. They could do this through letters, but their website also states that they will call debtors over the phone.

You can however exercise your rights and ask for PTD Solicitors to call you on certain days or at certain times. They are not allowed to repeat call throughout the day or at your place of work. They also must not divulge information about your debt to other people, including spouses, other family members or your employer.

If you believe that PTD Solicitors Horsham has acted wrongfully or are harassing you, you can report them to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is best to make complaints with proof of your accusation.

Don’t Pay PDT Solicitors If Your Debt Is Statute Barred

There is one legal loophole that could get you out of paying PTD Solicitors’ client a penny, even if it was proven that you owe the debt.

This loophole exists for debts that are really old and is known as statute barred debt.

What Is Statute Barred Debt?

A statute barred debt is a debt that is at least six years old and has never received a court order to be enforced. For a debt to be statute barred, two other criteria must apply:

  1. You must not have made a partial payment towards the debt in the last six years
  2. You must not have acknowledged that the debt is yours to anyone* in the last six years

*Anyone in this scenario means the initial creditor or any business working for them to collect the debt, such as PTD Solicitors Debt Collection.

If your debt is statute barred, then it cannot be put to the courts. If it cannot be put to the courts, there is no legal way to enforce the debt. No enforcement agent. No repossessions. And no payment plans needed.

Why Does This “Loophole” Exist?

The reason that these older debts cannot be enforced is simply because the courts are too busy. Their time and resources are being stretched by new cases each day, so older debts become legally unenforceable to keep the courts operating as best they can.

Inform PDT Solicitors That Your Debt Cannot Be Enforced

Even if you know your debt is statute barred, you still shouldn’t ignore the PTD Solicitors debt collection letter!

You should reply to their request for payment with a letter explaining that the debt is statute barred and you won’t be paying.

You could still pay it if you wanted to. Statute barred debts are legally unenforceable but that doesn’t mean they are wiped away.

You should send an industry-standard statute barred notification letter. Templates of these letters can be found on debt charity websites and the most popular debt help websites and forums. Add some personal details to these templates and you’re good to go.

What If Your PDT Solicitors Debt Is Not Statute Barred?

If your PTD Solicitors debt is not unenforceable, there is still one way that you could get out of having to pay. That is if PTD Solicitors and their client cannot prove you owe the debt.

Proof is something that ties you to the debt such as a signed agreement or signed contract. The courts may consider other substantial evidence.

If PTD Solicitors did not provide you with proof you owe the debt, you can ask for it to see if they have it. Even if they do go on to supply proof, this trick will at least give you some more time to think about payment options.

Most legal teams that do not use the spray-gun tactics mentioned earlier are likely to provide proof of the debt in the first letter. After all, they know the law!

But in case they didn’t. you’ll need to know how to write a prove the debt letter…

How to Write a Prove the Debt Letter

You can write a prove the debt letter by replying to PTD Solicitors debt collection with a letter simply requesting proof of the debt they are referring to. You should include:

  • A request for proof
  • A statement declaring future communications without supplying proof is classed as harassment
  • A statement indicating that harassment will be reported to the FCA

But you could always do this the easier way by downloading a prove the debt letter template and adding some personal details. These letters are written by professionals and make the key points effectively.

The Easiest Way to Pay Your PDT Solicitors Debt

If PTD Solicitors prove that you owe the debt, it’s time to take action and look into ways to pay.

Unemployed people may struggle to pay their debts off, and with up to 17 nurses a day looking for short loans, even those with a regular income can struggle to pay their debts.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t!

The easiest way to pay off your PTD Solicitors debt is to agree on a payment plan with them. Only agree to a plan you can afford or more debt could materialise. Do this by considering key monthly costs, such as:

  • Your rent or mortgage
  • Food
  • Household bills
  • Other almost essentials like haircuts, current credit repayments or home repairs

Remember, it’s best to agree a repayment plan with PTD Solicitors than an enforcement agent!

PDT Solicitors Debt Collection

Other PDT Solicitors Debt Solutions

Repayment plans are simple solutions, but they may not be the best debt solution available to you. Each person, their circumstances and their debts is different. You might be better off using an:

  • IVA
  • Debt consolidation loan
  • Debt Relief Order
  • Applying for bankruptcy

For more information on the best debt solutions in an easy to understand way, head to the MoneyNerd guide to learn about five common ways to get out of debt.

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