Have you received a debt letter from SCS Law Recovery? Maybe an SCS Law parking ticket fine? These are common letters sent by SCS Law, but we know how to deal with them. Read our thorough guide detailing what you can do if SCS Law is chasing you for money.

SCS Law Recovery

Who Are SCS Law Recovery?

SCS Law Recovery is a legal firm based in Canary Wharf, London. They provide services to help their clients recover money owed to them and can help recover property that clients may want to get back from their (unpaying tenants).

Unlike many legal firms that chase debts, SCS Law Recovery appear to have a backlash online from angry debtors. They have been criticised extensively online and many debtors claim that they should not be issued with the debt.  

Is SCS Law Recovery a Legitimate Debt Collector?

Nevertheless, SCS Law Recovery is a legitimate debt collector in the UK. They offer real services to their clients who want money or property back.

As a UK company offering litigation services, they must adhere to legislation, including rules set down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Type of Debt Does SCS Law Chase?

SCS Law Recovery chase small claims and debts from tenants that have not been paying their landlord. But by going off what most people discuss online, the main type of debt they chase is car parking fines.

They could chase these debts for all types of businesses and individuals.  

Did You Receive an SCS Law Parking Fine?

Hundreds of UK residents receive an SCS Law parking fine letter each year. Companies and stores that own parking spaces will outsource the job of chasing unpaid parking tickets and parking fines to SCS Law Recovery.

Here is just a snipped of people discussing their SCS Law Recovery parking fine letter on internet forums:

“Today I have received a letter from SCS law about debt owed to CP Plus Ltd. It’s for 3 parking fines each £120, total of £360 they are for “parking outside the space designated for parking.” 

“I’ve just received a letter from SCS LAW on behalf of their client Highview Parking LTD.
I was ‘fined’ by Highview Parking LTD last year for staying too long in a car park (£60/70 – can’t remember).”

“I have recently a ‘letter before claim’ from SCS law, regarding some private parking tickets I received back in February and March of 2015, for parking outside a complex of flats. Each of the three amounts to £165, so £495 in total.”

[Money Savings Expert Forum]

What Is an SCS Law Letter Before Claim?

In the last post, you can see that the debtor receiving the SCS Law letter calls their letter a “letter before claim”. But what is this?

It is a letter that requests payment or indicates that SCS Law and their client will go to the courts to get a CCJ on the debt. This means if they can prove the money is owed in the county court, the judge will award the claimant a court order to retrieve the debt with enforcement agents. 

These letters are sometimes known as a Letter Before Action (LBA).

Contact SCS Law Canary Wharf

If you want to contact SCS Law Recovery regarding one of their debt letters, you can do so by calling 020 7090 1599. Alternatively, SCS Law has a contact form on their website, and an email address on the same contact page.

If you are calling dispute an SCS Law parking ticket, there may be a better way. We discuss how you can use a prove the debt letter to dispute SCS Law debt claims further down this guide.

Can I Ignore SCS Law Recovery Debt Letters?

In no circumstances should you ignore SCS Law Recovery and their debt letters. The same applies to any legal team or debt collection agency chasing you for money. If you do ignore them, they could end up with a CCJ for the debt and that means bailiffs will come knocking.

The most common reason why people choose to ignore SCS Law debt letters is because they cannot afford to pay. Even then, it will still work out better in the long run by replying to their letter.

Does That Mean I Have to Pay SCS Law?

Not always.

Replying to their letter and acknowledging their claims does not mean you will 100% have to pay. There are situations when you might be able to avoid paying SCS Law debt. You can use the process to your advantage to prove your innocence or buy some time to understand the options to clear your debt.

What Actions Will SCS Law Take?

If the debt is considerable, there is a good chance that SCS Law and their client will try to get a CCJ for the debt. They may not go to the courts if the debt is very small and the cost of going to court is larger than the debt they are chasing.

But do not bank on this and avoid paying in the hope they won’t take it further. They might!

If you are convinced that SCS Law are in the wrong – and have proof they are – you might want to fight them in court. Even then, SCS Law may still get their way. Take this scenario for example:

 “Despite sending evidence multiple times that we’d sold a car to the garage it was parked outside of (with the engine on the back seat in full view) they repeatedly refused to acknowledge it and we ended up with a CCJ for parking fines for a car we no longer own, parked somewhere we’d never been, in an un-driveable condition, literally outside of the garage that owned it! Obviously happy to take people’s money, through deceit & regardless of the truth.”

[Google Reviews]

Could I Lose My Car or Valuable Possessions?

If SCS Law Recovery get a CCJ from the judge, they have the power to employ an enforcement agent to come to your home and request payment. If they don’t get a payment for the debt, they do have the legal powers to remove valuables (some items enforcement agents cannot take!) to be sold.

The money raised by selling these items will be used to pay off your debt. They are sold at an auction and often below their market value. Agents will usually try to take electronics like TVs, games consoles and games, stereo systems, and they may even take furniture, paintings and vehicles.

They are not obliged to offer you a payment plan at this stage, which is another reason not to ignore SCS Law Recovery debt letters.

Can My SCS Law Debt Mean I Lose My Home?

If a debt is large enough and has received a CCJ, then it is possible for an enforcement officer to seize property to pay off the debt. However, that is extremely unlikely to happen for anyone with an SCS Law debt

SCS Law only deal with small claims and mainly parking tickets. If you cannot pay the debt owed, it is likely that you will be able to pay it off via your possessions. Losing your home because of SCS Law is extremely unlikely.

Note: In any situation where possessions are taken, it is never workers from SCS Law that do this. Only law enforcement agents have the right to repossess items – never SCS Law Recovery!

Can I Stop SCS Law Recovery from Calling?

SCS Law is allowed to make contact with you to discuss the debt and notify you if they intend to go to the courts. For that reason, you cannot completely prevent SCS Law from contacting you. But you can request to be contacted at certain times and days.

This is a way to prevent SCS Law harassing you.

SCS Law Are Harassing Me, What Should I Do?

If they don’t respect your requests, you may want to report them to the FCA. You can also complain about SCS Law if they:

  • Disclose your debt to family or friends
  • Force you to pay
  • Confuse you with technical terms
  • Try to enter your home

Received an SCS Law Debt Letter? The Next Step

If you have received an SCS Law Recovery debt letter, the first step is to request proof that you owe the debt. Proof is required and without it, SCS Law will struggle to get a CCJ for the debt.

But even better, if they do not provide proof after you request it, they cannot contact you again without it being classed as harassment.

You can make this point with a prove the debt letter.

Sending SCS Law a Prove the Debt Letter

A prove the debt letter is a standard letter renowned throughout the debt industry. These letters request proof that you owe the debt and point to legislation that states SCS Law cannot try and contact you again without proof. If they do, they are harassing you and can be punished by the FCA.

You don’t have to write a prove the debt letter yourself. There are readymade templates available on debt charity websites.

Follow my ‘prove it’ guide with letter templates and get them to prove that you owe the money.

Paying Your SCS Law Debt

If they prove your SCS Law debt, you will need to pay before they get a CCJ for it. If you can afford the payment in full, this is advised because it will get rid of SCS Law, which may also benefit your mental health. 

But if you cannot afford the amount they are asking, for whatever reason, there are other debt solutions.

1.     Spread Out the Cost of Your SCS Law Recovery Debt

There is no guarantee that SCS Law Recovery will accept a monthly payment plan to clear the debt, but it is often an option to investigate. You should never commit to paying off more than you can each month. Doing so usually leads to debts accumulating in other places, such as unpaid utilities or rent.

2.     Consider an IVA or Debt Consolidation Loan

Those with multiple debts totalling £2,000 or more may benefit from an IVA. These professional agreements consolidate your debt but commit you to large monthly payments for 60 months. Once the five years are up, you are debt free even if you have thousands of pounds left unpaid.

A debt consolidation loan is another option but should be chosen with care and precaution.

3.     Other Options and Support

There are plenty of other debt solutions available that debtors do not investigate because the details can be confusing. Money Nerd is now providing free debt solution help in a way that is easy to understand without confusing jargon.

Avoid Paying SCS Law Debt with the Statute Barred Loophole

SCS Law Recovery

There is one way you can avoid having to pay SCS Law and it is completely legal. Some debts are too old to be legally enforced, known as statute barred debts. These debts can never go to courts to get a CCJ, so there is no way that SCS Law can make you pay.

Statute barred debts are not cleared debts, just unenforceable.

The Criteria for Statute Barred Debt

For a debt to be statute barred, it must be at least six years old and never been issued with a CCJ before. Moreover:

  1. You have never paid part of the debt off in the last six years
  2. You have never owned up to the debt in the past six years to SCS Law or other debt industry groups.

Tell SCS Law Your Debt Is Statute Barred

You can inform SCS Law that your debt is statute barred and you will not be paying by sending them a statute barred debt letter.

Use a letter template found online at reputable websites. These are professionally written and effective, saving you time to boot!

Contact Debt Charities for Further SCS Law Guidance

If you need further guidance when dealing with SCS Law Recovery debt, debt charities are a great source of help. Look up Step Change UK and National Debtline for some additional support.

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