Has a Morrisons Solicitors debt recovery letter just landed in your lap? What should you do now that Morrisons Solicitors is saying you owe their client money? We walk you through the process of Morrisons Solicitors debt collection, so you know how to respond and avoid being taken to court.

Morrisons Solicitors LLP

Morrisons Solicitors LLP: Who Are They?

Morrisons Solicitors is a law firm operating in England. The firm has been in operation a long time, with the first branch opening in 1729 almost three centuries ago. That very first branch is now an Italian restaurant, but the firm own plenty of other branches around the UK today.

They can be found at:

  • Morrisons Solicitors Redhill
  • Morrisons Solicitors Wimbledon
  • Morrisons Solicitors Camberley
  • Morrisons Solicitors Oxted
  • Morrisons Solicitors Woking
  • Morrisons Solicitors Fleet
  • Morrisons Solicitors Ash Vale
  • Morrisons Solicitors Farnborough

What Services Do Morrisons Solicitors Offer?

Morrisons Solicitors offer a wide selection of services due to their multiple branches and large team of law experts. They offer services to individuals and families, such as buying property or personal injury claims, and they offer specialised services such as landlord and taxation disputes.

They also offer legal services to business in the employment and dispute niche. And as you may now know after receiving a Morrisons Solicitors debt recovery letter, they offer debt collection services too.

They may try to collect debt from unpaid invoices for individuals or for landlords seeking unpaid rent. But their debt collection services could be useful to any company. The entity they are trying to recoup money from should be shown on their initial letter.

Contact Morrisons Solicitors LLP

You can call Morrisons Solicitors using the number for their respective office. That number can be found via the contact page from their website.

Alternatively, that same page includes a form that you could fill out, and you can direct the form to any of their offices by choosing from the dropdown menu.

Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery Explained

Morrisons Solicitors offer debt recovery services for their clients. They offer this service because the businesses that are owed the money do not wish to dedicate the time or resources to chase the debt themselves.

They use Morrisons Solicitors debt recovery services to save time, but it may also make them feel at ease by using a legal team rather than trying to navigate the debt recovery process themselves.

Why Are Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery Chasing Me?

If you have received communications from Morrisons Solicitors (usually a letter) asking for debt to be paid, they are reaching out because you currently owe money to their client (not Morrisons Solicitors!). Read the letter to find the name of the company claiming you owe them money.

This letter that you have received is likely to threaten court action if you do not pay. This is why it is known as a Letter Before Action (LBA). It is a letter asking you to pay before Morrisons Solicitors take further action.

Should I Ignore Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery Letters?

Whatever you do, do not ignore debt letters from Morrisons Solicitors!

Even if you think there has been a mistake in identity or the letter was sent to the wrong address, you should act.

So, I Should Pay Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery?

But acting doesn’t always mean paying the debt. There are things you can do before agreeing to pay. These other options should be explored and exhausted before agreeing to pay.

Sometimes debt recovery services will use spray-gun techniques to try and find the right person who owes the debt. It could just be that someone with the same name as you is the person who owes the money.

The different ways to respond to the Morrisons Solicitors debt recovery letter are explained further down this guide.

What Actions Could Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery Take?

As this is a letter before action, it states that Morrisons Solicitors and their client are prepared to go to court to get the debt back. In fact, it is illegal for Morrisons Solicitors to suggest the case will go to court if it is not likely to.

At court, Morrisons Solicitors and their client will try for a CCJ, which would mean they have a court order to enforce the debt.

Enforcing the debt is completed with an enforcement team who will come to your home and ask for payment and agree a payment plan. If you cannot do this, they will look to repossess items, vehicles and maybe even property.

These items will then be auctioned off to pay off the debt. There are some things that enforcement officers cannot take, such as items not owned by you (e.g. furniture within a tenancy agreement that is the landlord’s property or items you need for work such as a vehicle or worker’s tools).

But you can avoid all of these things by following the guidance in this guide!

What Can Morrisons Solicitors Not Do

Morrisons Solicitors are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority and respective legislation when trying to collect debts. There are things they cannot do when trying to get the money from you, such as:

  • Harassing you throughout the day with repeat calls
  • Discuss your situation with other people
  • Take payments without consent
  • Use jargon to confuse you

Can Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery Come into My Home?

Morrisons Solicitors must get a CCJ in court to then use enforcement officers to recover the debt at your home. Anybody working at Morrisons Solicitors does not have any legal right to come inside your home or claim they can do this.

Some debt collection groups send field workers to debtors’ homes, but it is not likely that an established law firm like Morrisons Solicitors will try these tactics.

Can I Stop Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery from Contacting Me?

You cannot stop all communication from Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery. But you can give them your communication preferences and best times to get in touch. Morrisons Solicitors then have to respect this and only communicate you via these methods and at your specified times of the day.

If they do not respect your wishes, you could complain about Morrisons Solicitors to the FCA.

How to Complain About Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery

To make a complaint about Morrisons Solicitors for harassing you with calls, or if they have not acted appropriately in other ways, you can do so by writing to the FCA. It is always best to make a complaint with evidence to give the FCA grounds to do a full investigation into what happened.

Only make genuine complaints about Morrisons Solicitors. If you don’t, it could go against you in the future.

Morrisons debt recovery

So, How to Respond to a Morrisons Solicitors Debt Recovery Letter

Receiving a debt letter from Morrisons Solicitors can make you anxious and even cause your relationships to deteriorate. But you can take action and ease your worries by asking Morrisons Solicitors to prove you owe the debt.

Why Ask Morrisons Solicitors to Prove the Debt?

It is Morrisons Solicitors’ responsibility to prove you owe the debt, not the other way around. If they do not provide proof and continue to communicate with you, then they are harassing you.

Without proof they cannot recover the debt.

What If I’m Aware of the Debt?

Even if you are aware of the debt they are trying to recover, you can still request proof of the debt.

Morrisons Solicitors need to provide proof such as a signed agreement or contract to get a CCJ and enforce the debt. Therefore, asking for proof even when you are aware of the debt is worthwhile. It can buy you time to consider the different debt solutions as well.

How to Request Proof of the Debt

You can request proof of the debt by sending Morrisons Solicitors a letter. The letter you send should include:

  • Your name and reference number (if you have one)
  • Acknowledgement of their letter
  • Request for proof of the debt they claim you owe
  • Statement saying future communication without proof is harassment and you will report them to the FCA if this occurs
  • Do not sign, print your name only

Send this letter as a letter rather than using their online contact form. And keep a copy and proof of delivery for your records.

Alternatively, use one of the many effective prove the debt letter templates. These templates have all the key information already written. All you have to do is add your name and other details. You can find excellent templates online.

When Not to Send a Prove the Debt Letter

The only time you should not send a letter asking for proof of the debt is when Morrisons Solicitors has already provided proof of the debt in their first letter.

They may do this because they are a legal firm with knowledge of the process, compared with debt collection agencies who use other tactics. Some debt collection groups will not send proof because they send lots of letters to everyone with the same name. But Morrisons Solicitors will conduct due diligence and send a letter to the right person, meaning they are more likely to send proof within that letter too.

The other instance when you should not send a letter requesting debt proof is when your debt is statute barred. Your debt could be statute barred and you might not even realise it.

Is Your Morrisons Solicitors Debt Statute Barred?

Statute barred debt is not enforceable by the courts because it has grown too old t be enforced. The bottom line is that you will not be forced to pay statute barred debts to Morrisons Solicitors.

Statute Barred Debt Explained

A statute barred debt is a debt that the courts will not entertain due to its age. They will not look at the debt because they need their resources for other cases and newer debts. Your Morrisons Solicitors debt is statute barred if:

  1. The debt is six years old minimum
  2. You have not made a payment on the debt in the last six years
  3. You have not acknowledged that the debt is yours to Morrisons Solicitors or anybody else in the last six years
  4. There is no existing CCJ for the debt

If all of these apply, your debt is statute barred and you will never be forced to pay. The six-year countdown will reset itself upon payment or acknowledgement of the debt.

Statute Barred Letter Templates

If your Morrisons Solicitors debt is statute barred, you need to tell Morrisons Solicitors that the debt is not enforceable with a statute barred letter. It is best to use one of the template letters found online at debt charities (see the end of this guide).

Paying Your Morrisons Solicitors Debt

When your debt has been proven and it is not statute-barred, only one option remains. You need to arrange a way to pay the debt off.

The better news is that you may not be expected to pay all of the money stated in the Morrisons Solicitors debt letter in one go. Morrisons Solicitors and their clients often expect debtors to request payment plans where you pay some money towards the debt each month to clear the amount.

You can arrange a payment plan with Morrisons Solicitors but do so with caution. You first need to calculate how much you can afford to give Morrisons Solicitors each month. You can do this by creating a monthly budget and finding out how much disposable income you have at the end of each month.

Never agree to pay more than you can afford!

Doing so could put you in debt with other companies. If your situation changes after agreeing to the payments, you should let Morrisons Solicitors know and they could renegotiate your payments.

Other Morrisons Solicitors Debt Solutions

Payment plans are not your only option. There are multiple methods to get out of debt, including an IVA. These agreements are for people in multiple debts and lock you into repayment plans for five years. Once the five years is concluded, you don’t pay anything more.

Some people end their debts with as much as 90% of their debts left unpaid.

Additional Support for Dealing with Morrisons Solicitors Debt

For additional debt support and information on IVAs, head to the Money Nerd website. Money nerd offers free debt help articles explaining debt solutions and your rights.

You may also wish to discuss your situation with a UK debt charity who can help you negotiate payment plans and overcome Morrisons Solicitors debt. Step Change UK is one of the best!

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