Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson is a financial services expert, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry, including 6 years in FCA regulated companies. Troubled by the lack of moral conscience in the industry, Scott decided to use his insider knowledge to give genuine advice to those struggling financially. He’s recently moved out of London to the rural area of Malvern to pursue this ambition.

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Posts by Scott Nelson:

Crippling Debt – What To Do

Estimates suggest that around 27 million people in the UK have debt, with around 33% having personal debt outside of a student loan or mortgage of between £2,000 and £10,000. Clearly, it’s a common problem and one that’s growing. Sometimes,


Go Debt Ltd Debt Collection, read the truth

Go Debt Ltd Debt Collection is a debt collection company who are contacting you about an outstanding debt. Successive governments have launched and supported a number of debt management plans, the most popular of which is the IVA (Individual Voluntary


Types of Debt

‘Debt’ and ‘debt collector’ are two terms that don’t exactly conjure up cheerful images. No-one wants to be in debt, and no one wants to have to deal with a debt collector. Sometimes, it can happen that we forget a